Conest is the preferred architectural & engineering partner of Ministra. Ministra has been working with Conest for over six years, and it has refurbished more than 400 apartments, entire buildings and commercial and retail spaces for prominent tenants such as Deutsche Post AG, Postbank and REWE supermarkets. Just like Ministra, Conest is specialized in assisting investors in carrying out real estate investment strategies.

Some assets require significant structural refurbishment, including vertical piping, roofs, heating systems, or redecoration of common areas, either as preventive measures to avoid degradation of the asset, or in order to prepare rent increases. Often apartments and retail spaces benefit from more efficient subdivision or aggregation of spaces to maximize value. Each asset is analyzed individually to see if its structure can be improved, or whether more value is generated from repositioning, for example by turning commercial space to residential, or residential space into retail.

Ministra will carry out a commercial analysis and will coordinate with its partner engineering firm, Conest Engineering GmbH (or an alternative firm proposed by the Investor) to carry out a cost evaluation of proposed work to see if there is a justified return on investment from the proposed measures.