Ministra Immobilien Service GmbH

A Case Study of our Performance in Berlin

The property – basic data at time of purchase from a liquidator

  • 156 residential units, 10,600 sqm, vacancy rate ca. 29 %
  • 16 commercial units, 1,600 sqm, vacancy rate ca. 23 %
haus-motiv1 haus-motiv2

Historic Situation – Challenges

Properties before acquisition were under forced administration resulting in:

1. bad property management
2. difficult tenants, bad debts
3. low commercial and residential rents

Corrective Measures

  • about 45 % of the residential area was re-let since acquisition, with a new online-marketing strategy as well as some targeted investments in the units
  • selective marketing and up-grading or repositioning of the units enabled us to re-let about 50 % of the commercial area in 2008 and 2009


residential vacancy


commercial letting