asset and property manager initiatives, for example

  • select the most appropriate property managers for the asset or portfolio
  • review of contracts, janitorial services, cash flows for buildings etc
  • increase rents if permitted by law and / or local market situation allows
  • increase and stabilize cash flows, by reducing rent arrears, terminating and evicting late payers and re-letting vacated units at higher prices
  • commence letting and marketing initiatives
  • identify different strategies for each asset according to its potential
  • plan selective marketing activities, re-position the units if useful and realize targeted refurbishments, with the minimum necessary investments through a tender process
  • focus on the investments necessary to meet individual tenant requirements and/or getting highest possible rent to maximize returns for owners

portfolio/asset restructuring – improving portfolio key figures

  • quickly identify assets with poor performance and no potential to be sold, resulting in a stabilization of your portfolio as whole
  • prepare and stress-test investment business plans against key performance targets
  • reposition assets that are underperforming through refurbishment and new letting strategies
  • redesign reporting (monthly, quarterly, yearly) as required to better serve the need of each particular investor
  • refinance assets/portfolios if over or under leveraged

business planning and cost cutting

  • analyze cost structures and generate cost trimming programs
  • refurbishment of vacant flats due to fluctuation
  • standardize the refurbishment process into different cost and quality levels
  • operate with local craft companies, through low cost fixed agreements, that enable us to save between 15 to 20% against market averages
  • directly employ some craft workers, for more flexibility, higher quality and lower costs

Ministra, after an initial analysis, prepares an asset management strategy for the portfolio and a business plan for each building. These focus on necessary capex and maintenance measures, on tenant and rent analysis and on potential cost cutting strategies, both at portfolio and at individual asset level. Reporting is customized to the individual need of the investor and of its lenders.